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Electroplating chiller function and characteristics _ plate heat exchanger

Guangzhou Guoxin Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd. has 11 years of experience in mold development, application design and manufacturing of plate heat exchangers. It mainly deals with heat exchangers, heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers and domestic heat exchangers. Ok, service call: 020-86056008.

How to choose a plate heat exchanger to avoid problems

The detachable plate heat exchanger is formed by a plurality of stamped corrugated sheets at regular intervals, surrounded by gaskets, and pressed by a frame and a compression screw

Plate heat exchanger leakage analysis and solution

According to the common leakage reasons of the plate heat exchanger, combined with the leakage condition of the plate heat exchanger in the actual device (observing the leakage situation and checking the pressure test results of the leakage plate heat exchanger) and the working conditions, the causes of the leakage are analyzed and the improvement is proposed. Suggest.

What is the detachable plate heat exchanger used for?

The detachable plate heat exchanger is a compact, heat-exchange heat exchanger that has been used for decades. The detachable plate heat exchanger was originally mainly used in the processing and processing of milk. Due to its small size, easy disassembly and cleaning, and the like, it was widely used in food processing, beverage, beer processing and pharmaceutical processing.

How do heat exchangers need to handle various faults?

Air enthalpy action: After the acid solution reacts with calcium, magnesium and carbonate scale, a large amount of carbon dioxide is produced. Carbon dioxide gas is in the process of overflow. For the scale layer which is difficult to dissolve or dissolve slowly, it has a certain enthalpy power, so that the scale falls off from the heated surface of the heat exchanger.

What are the advantages of plate heat exchanger work?

In the plate heat exchanger leakage occurs, the medium in the plate heat exchanger leaks on the outer surface, unlike the tube heat exchanger, which occurs in a pair of permanent and secondary water, and is not easy to detect under normal conditions.
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